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Helps Restore Regularity: Helps in treating constipation, restoring regularity in a very normal and natural way, without pain and without causing bowel emergency situation Helps Support Weight Loss: Taking liquid forms a mucilage creating a full feeling and satiety and resulting in reduced food intake and weight loss. In addition, Fibrasina works as a sponge, absorbing toxins (such as sugars, cholesterol acids, and others) throughout your organism and expulsing them in a natural and normal way through the rectum. Helps Control your Gastrointestinal Functions, helps to prevent Colon and Rectal Cancer Based on the ability to eliminate toxic substances from your body, scientific research has proven that a healthy diet rich in Fiber, such as Fibrasina, helps prevent the development of colon and rectal cancer and other critical illnesses. Helps to Maintain Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Levels, Promoting Excellent Heart Health: Diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 7 grams of soluble Fiber per day, such as Fibrasina from psyllium husk, may reduce the risk of heart disease by owering cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Fibrasina is especially designed for the Hispanic/Latino Community: After many years of research, Fibrasina was created based on the Latino/Hispanic gastroenterology, with the goal of improving the health and life of Hispanic/Latino people. With its excellent and balanced formulation, Fibrasina is also effective for all other ethnic groups.